We are JTNlab — a local brand, which produces handcrafted wooden goods to replace plastic in everyday life.

At first, I made my store and did not know exactly what I would sell or what I wanted to produce. But then I got the idea to make a nice table lamp out of wood that would have touch control, and over time I created a pretty nice lamp with a flexible neck that has touch light control, where you can read and write or use it as a night light next to your bed or in the children's room .

But one day I came across a pill box online and I liked the idea, I decided to make a pill organizer out of wood because it's much more natural than an ugly little box and my first customers really liked the idea of ​​holding their pills or whatever pills in a wooden box because it is as natural as possible and brings us closer to nature. Over time, I started adding new designs for these weekly pill organizers, and later I also created new designs for the 7-day pill box.

In the development of this idea, customers helped me a lot, they told me what size would be better to make for a pill organizer, or what shape would be better to make a pill box, because each person had their own needs for a small or large number of pills, and from this, my range of pill organizers began to expand. my store

Also, one day a potential client of mine asked if I could make a small portable pill box, but so that the pills would be securely protected and wouldn't fall apart when the box fell, because he was going to take this pill box with him on a trip, and I made him a round pill box for 7 days with many reliable magnets that allow you to easily twist the lid of the box and at the same time protect the tablets from spilling on the floor. Over time, all the models and designs that are currently in the store were created.

My clients still help me create new pill boxes, because each pill case is someone's wish from my clients.

I am very grateful to all customers for their tips to develop my business, and also I am very grateful for my customers' short stories about their medication or illness, it helps new buyers to know whether this pill organizer will work for them for their medication or not.

I am happy to receive requests to improve these pill boxes from my new customers.

This box for pills is not just a product that you buy, it is a Positive Emotion that helps you heal faster and be healthy. Be always HEALTHY.

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And a few more words...

We are happy that we can make things that inspire you to touch natural wood in everyday life! From the first cut to the last swipe of the brush, we enjoy the process through and through.

Our goal is to create unique customizable products of the highest quality to adorn your homes, offices, and lives. With our beautiful wooden Pillboxes, lamps & much more you will be able to make your home reflect your personality the best way possible.

All of our items are hand-made in Ukraine, since 2018 we’ve sent our goods to thousands of customers worldwide, hope you become one of them. We take good care of every single piece we make and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

JTNlab — inspired by you!