How We Make Our Products - Behind the Scenes

Please watch a video about our production, behind the scenes.

Here on this slide we make our top product in the LED Lamps category. This is us carving a cherry wood base for an LED lamp that you can use for both reading and writing, or simply as a decorative element.

Led Lamp


And here Slava, our employee, is already polishing our lamp and will cover it with wax at the next stage.

LED Lamp


Right here on this slide, we're making our other product that's in another store partner. This is a dice roll tower used in Dungeons & Dragons. And we make at this stage from oak wood.

Dungeons & Dragons


In this slide, we are planing a walnut board on a reamer machine, in order to then attach it to the working area of the chip machine and cut out, for example, a Day/Night Pillbox for double pill intake. That is, you can keep pills during the day and at night.

Pill Box 2 Times Daily Day/Night


In this slide, we are cutting out the lids for this Wooden Day/Night Pill Box.

Pill Box Day/Night


Here we cut out the cover for the board game. This is the kind of box in which you can store your bones. And then, when you come to the table with other players, you have your cool box, you have your dice. And in the other part of the box, you can use the tower that we showed earlier to throw the dice there.



We can make different boxes from a walnut board. Here, for example, for round pill boxes.

Round Pill Box


Here we are cutting out the pattern on our pill box. This pill box will be a drawing in the form of bees and honeycombs.

Round Pill Box


And here, for example, our machine already cuts several pill boxes for double-dose tablets, that is, the Day/Night series.

Pill Boxes 2 Times Daily

As you can see, this is the board that we worked on in the previous slides. We get an average of 3-4 Day/Night pill boxes from such a board. These are quite large pill boxes, you can see them right here, this is a finished product.

Day/Night Pillbox


And here we are doing engraving on our mini box.

Round Pill Box


We also produce Memory Boxes urns in our other store, and we are now in the process of applying the inscription on the front side of the urn ordered by our customers.

Wooden Memory Box