JTN Lab customer stories - Product reviews

I received this wooden pill organizer recently and was totally blown away! It looked even better in person than in the photos - the wood grain is stunning and the finishing is excellent. I have to take a pill before bed and then another in the morning. Rather than having plastic pill bottles on my nightstand, I wanted something that would look nice and blend in with the decor. Not only does this look great, but it also helps keep track so that I don’t miss a day. Highly recommend!
Kevin K.

Pill Case Organizer - Nature Wood Ornament

I got tired of plastic pill organizers in annoying bright colors. I wanted a wooden pill organizer that looks beautiful and can have enough sections for pills that are taken 4 times a day. I searched the whole internet up and down and almost gave up until I found your store. I did not expect the organizer to be this big but I soon started enjoying how heavy and substantial it is. It's very pleasant to hold those boxes in my hands. I know it's not going to fall apart for many years unlike those plastic flimsy organizers. I really like that I can put a box vertically to remind me to take my pills. I saw that you can hang it on a wall which is neat.

4 Times Day Pill Organizer Wooden Box Weekly

This was a gift for my boyfriend. He is starting a mental health journey and I wanted to inspire him with a beautiful box so that he wouldn’t be afraid to take the first step. I gave him some options and we agreed on this type because of the design and ease of use, mostly we liked how unique your store was compared to other medicine boxes on the market that feel very sterile. The use of magnets and wood, as well as the size, was perfect!
Nestor Abreu

Weekly Pocket Pill Box - Natural Wood

I have depression (two pills that I take every day, one capsule and one extended-release tablet), and I also have low iron (this requires that I take an iron tablet every other day along with vitamin C to help it absorb, but I’m not supposed to take it every day).

I fill the box with my daily depression medications, and then I put my iron and vitamin C in the slots for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When I take my medications like this, my conditions stay very stable. My blood iron studies have been within normal range on this schedule, and my depression is manageable as well.

I used to just use a plastic box from my pharmacy, but it looked cheap, and I like to have pretty things. The box is very nicely made, and doesn’t look like a regular medication container, so I don’t mind leaving it out. This was my main motivation for getting this box in particular.

I discovered an added benefit. The hole between the Saturday and Sunday compartments not only makes it so that I can store an entire week without any pills falling out, it also acts as a reminder for me to refill the pill box! When I get to the empty space, I know I need to refill the box, and it has become automatic for me.

The box is also small enough that I can take it with me when I travel, and the magnets that keep the lid in place are very secure. I’ve never had any pills fall out, which has happened before with other types of containers.

I really appreciate the beautiful aesthetic and the clever design and thought put into this piece. I really love it, and I’m so thankful to you for creating this!! 

Hi! I’ve an autoimmune disease, which I manage without medication. I use help of functional medicine practioner and osteopath. The treatment plan includes diet, exercise regime, meditation and supplements. I found it difficult to remember about supplements. So I thought that if I pack them in the box once a week and put the box in my handbag there is really no excuse. At the same time I wanted something earth friendly, something that will last many years, will be beautiful to look at and pleasant to touch, I didn’t want anything plastic. Your box met all my needs and because I love to look at it I no longer forget about my supplements.
Anna Kunecka-Ejfler

3D Weekly Pill Box

Roman, here is a photo of my pill box. I keep a prescription drug called Buspar (for anxiety) in it. I want you to know I was so pleased with it, I've ordered a second (round) pill box from you to hold another medicine (Tramadol for pain.) I hope it gets here soon. Thank you, and please stay safe...
Andi Nelson

Square Pocket Pill BoxRound Pocket Pill Box

I was gifted with a personalized beautiful medicine box handcrafted by the incredible artisan, Roman, by a dear fellow cancer friend.  I am a 3x Leukemia Survivor and Bone Marrow Transplant Survivor. I have daily medications and vitamins that I take on a regular basis to support my physical and mental health. One of my dear personal mantras throughout my 12 year cancer journey has been a quote by Christopher Reeve that says “Once you Choose Hope, Anything is Possible”. My dear friend gifted me with a medicine box that has my personalized mantra “Choose Hope” along with beautiful engraved butterflies which I have a dear affinity for as they represent “rebirth, transformation and life”. Butterflies symbolize my own cancer journey which includes a bone marrow transplant, along with my post traumatic growth and healing. Every day as I take my medications and vitamins, 3x a day, I am reminded of my beautiful journey and the “Hope” that I carry within me on a daily basis pushing me forward. The beautiful wood medicine box is a daily reminder of how strong I am and how far I have risen from very deep dark challenging times.

Weekly Pill Box - Butterflies

My life partner was gifted with a beautiful wooden medicine box made by Roman by her close friend. I was in awe of the beautiful workmanship of hers along with others that I saw. I was so fortunate to have been gifted one for Christmas from my partner. It’s a beautiful dark wood with bees and honeycombs. I use it daily as a reminder for my vitamins and have it on my desktop to admire daily. Bees symbolize community and personal power to me. I am currently in search of a job and the daily reminder of seeing the engraved bees, reminds me that with hard work and resilience, I will find employment soon. I am so grateful for my wooden medicine box as it reminds me to take my much needed vitamins to ensure continued health.