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Wooden RGB Dieselpunk Nixie Tube Clock Z573m

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Dieselpunk Nixie Tube Clock Descrioption

Nixie watches are the perfect gift for lovers of retro style, steampunk and cyberpunk.
They can also be a great addition to any modern interior.

Do you want to give an original and impressive gift? Then pay attention to this amazing watch with German gas-discharge indicators Z573M. They not only show the time, but also create a unique atmosphere that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Read carefully!

Estimated delivery time is an estimate and may differ from actual delivery time. In some countries such as Canada and Australia, delivery may take up to 2 months.
Please be aware that in some countries, such as the European Union, you may be required to pay customs duties upon receipt of your order. In the USA, Australia and other countries, this tax is already included in the price of the product.

Please pay attention to the size of the watch. They may be larger or smaller than you expect.

Nixie Tube Clock Characteristics 

The watch has the following advantages:

  • 25 lighting modes will allow you to create a unique atmosphere in any room. You can choose any highlight color you like or freeze it to create a special mood.
  • 12 and 24 hour modes are suitable for any user.
  • Date display will allow you to always be aware of current events.
  • Lamp training mode increases lamp life.
  • Temperature sensor allows you to know the current air temperature.

The watches have compact sizes that allow them to fit harmoniously into any interior.
The height of the case is only 180 mm, width - 65 mm, and depth - 30 mm. This means that the clock can be placed even on a small shelf or table. In addition, the lamp height is 80 mm, which ensures clear time visibility even in low light conditions.

The delivery set includes the following items:

  • Clock for 6 lamps З570-573м
  • Power supply 110-220V EU (For the USA, Japan and Canada I will add an adapter)
  • Installation instructions

Case size: 146x55x38mm

Power supply: EU - 100-250V from 7-18 V 500 mA + US adapter

Instructions for setting the Nixie Clock

There are four buttons in the back

The "menu" button is responsible for switching modes from 1 to 4;

1 mode only shows time

2 mode shows time and date

3 mode shows time and temperature,

4 mode shows time, date and temperature.

Recommended 4th mode, which performs a brute force digits, namely, every 2 minutes, which helps to increase the life expectancy of the indicators.

With a long press on the "menu" we enter the mode of setting the time and date.

Everywhere switching happens button "Menu".

Backlight control

  • press once - freeze color
  • double tap - switch modes
  • long button hold - turn on or off


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