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Wooden Dice Tower and Tray Set for D&D Enthusiasts

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Dice Tower and Tray Set Description

Introducing the epitome of tabletop gaming accessories: our exquisitely crafted Dice Tower and Tray set, designed to elevate your Dungeons & Dragons experience to legendary status. Every roll of the dice becomes a moment of anticipation and drama with this set.

Our Dice Tower and Tray are hewn from a single, solid piece of premium wood, giving it a formidable presence on any game table. The design is not just about aesthetics; it's about enhancing your gameplay. The two-part Dice Tower features a robust magnetic connection that securely holds the pieces together while allowing for easy disassembly. Additionally, two extra grooves fortify the structure, ensuring that the tower remains intact through the excitement of gameplay or the occasional mishap.

The craftsmanship extends to the choice of material, with four distinct types of wood used to create a palette of natural beauty. The Dice Tower comes in two sizes to accommodate different play styles and spaces, while the Dice Tray is available in a standard, versatile size.

Uniquely, each Dice Tower includes a specialized compartment for dice storage. This thoughtful addition not only keeps your dice set handy but also adds to the Tower's charm. Plus, you have the option to personalize your tower with a selection of engravings, making each piece genuinely your own.

Flexibility is key, and we offer the ability to purchase the full Dice Tower and Tray set or each piece individually, in large or small sizes. Whether you're expanding your own collection or gifting to a fellow D&D player, this set represents the pinnacle of quality and utility.

Step into a world where every dice roll is a narrative in itself, and let our Dice Tower and Tray set be the cornerstone of your gaming saga.

Features & Specifications

  • Wood types: oak, maple, cherry, ash
  • Dice Tower design: with edges, with magnets, with additional grooves

Package contents

  • Dice Tower

You can also order personalization on any of our dnd - dice box - dice vault - role playing - role - tabletop gaming - gift - dice vault - has a massive - of game blocks, you can choose the text or picture you want to engrave. We are also ready to fulfill your personalized order or any other non-standard order if possible for the Dungeons and Dragons game.


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Our team makes your life more eco-friendly by replacing plastic housings of everyday gadgets for wooden ones.

We only use solid wood and oil/wax (odorless, colorless or without traces on your hands) to protect matrial for prolonged use.


Also note, that each product is handmade, and may slightly vary in color, finish, and size.

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