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Round Pill Box 7 Day Night - Sun and Moon

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Round Pill Box Description 

The Round Pill Box 7 Day Night - Sun and Moon is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to keep track of their pills or vitamins. With its unique design, this pill organizer ensures that you never miss a dose. The box features a sun and moon design that makes it easy to tell which pills you need to take during the day and at night.

The lid of the organizer is secured by strong magnets, ensuring that your pills are protected and won't spill out. To access your pills, simply remove the cover completely or turn it counterclockwise to choose the day of the week you need. The box is small and compact, making it easy to carry in your purse or bag.

This pill box is perfect for anyone who needs to take medication on a daily basis. With its easy-to-use design, you'll never miss a dose again. Plus, the sun and moon design is a fun and unique way to keep track of your pills. Whether you're traveling or just need to stay organized at home, the Round Pill Box 7 Day Night - Sun and Moon is the perfect solution.

This pill box can be made in such types of wood as:

• Oak wood
• Maple wood

➤ The features of this pill box are its following advantages:

✦ the pill box is made in the shape of a circle and therefore this box is very convenient to hold in your hand (it is shown in the photo) and this will easily allow you to keep it in your purse, backpack or, for example, in the glove box of your car or take it on a trip as a travel box , and this pill organizer won't take up much space.

✦ if your daily amount of medium-sized pills is 2-5 pieces, this pill box 7 day is just for you.

✦ also this weekly pill box will be a good element of style and beauty as it is made of natural wood, which is much nicer and nicer than disgusting plastic, and also this wooden pill box will be much more durable than similar plastic boxes.

✦ this pill organizer is also suitable for those people who take birth control pills for pregnancy control, because this pill box is very small and compact.

✦ each cell of this pill box has a convenient shape at an angle of 45 degrees, which makes it much easier to take out your pills with your finger (i.e. no need to turn the box over to take out the pills)

And we can make a special engraving of text or initials on this pill box if you want to give it to a loved one on a special day or holiday, for example, to your father on Father's Day, or to your mother or grandmother on Christmas or Mother's Day or Easter.

We will also be happy to fulfill your special order (for example, the size of the box, or the engraving font, or Roman numerals instead of letters)

Instructions for using the pill box

✦ the organizer has 7 days, the week starts from Sunday and ends on Saturday.

✦ in order to take the medicine, you need to remove the lid completely or turn the lid counterclockwise and choose the day you need on the pill case.

✦ after you have taken your pills or vitamins, you need to return the lid of the pill box to its original position and put it in your bag or any other safe and dry place where there is no moisture.


Each pill box is covered with oil wax, which is made on the basis of linseed oil and is completely safe. oil wax preserves and emphasizes the structure and tone of wood and does not need renewal after long-term use.

• Lid design: without edges, with magnets
• Cell shape: rounded corners, with slate on the front
• Cell count: 7, with weekday marks starting from Sunday


• Cell width: 1.80cm / 0.7in
• Cell height: 2.5cm / 1in
• Cell depth: / 0.8in

• Height: 6cm / 2.36in
• Diameter: 9cm / 3.54in
• Weight: 240g / 0.5lb


• Cell width: 1.80cm / 0.7in
• Cell height: 2.5cm / 1in
• Cell depth: 1.8cm / 0.7in

• Height: 4cm /
• Diameter: 9cm / 3.54in
• Weight: 180g / 0.4lb

Package contents: Pill Box


Express shipping WORLDWIDE: 3-7 business days;

✦ Standard shipping to US: 7-14 business days
✦ Europe by the local national post service: 2-3 weeks
✦ Canada: between two and six weeks
✦ Australia: between two and six weeks

Our team makes your life more eco-friendly by replacing plastic housings of everyday gadgets for wooden ones.
We only use solid wood and oil/wax (odorless, colorless or without traces on your hands) to protect matrial for prolonged use.

Also note, that each product is handmade, and may slightly vary in color, finish, and size.


Do not keep the box in a humid place (such as a bathroom) as the wood will absorb moisture and the box will not work or open well. Keep in mind that natural wood can expand and contract due to sudden changes in temperature, and this will affect the operation of the box. I recommend keeping the box in both warm and dry places that have no moisture.

Also note, each product is coated with natural oil to emphasize the richness of the wood texture and protect it, so sometimes the wood villi can rise from the oil coating, and it will seem that the wood is not sanded, but I assure you that the wood is very well sanded. And also on some types of wood there can be hardly appreciable smell from natural oil which in due course will disappear completely.

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