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Nixie Tube Clock 4xIN14 2xIN16 RGB Wooden Home Decor Dieselpunk Table Christmas Boyfriend Gift For Him

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This watch has the following backlight colors RGB - Yellow, blue, red, green, white ,purple, pink

Great gift - Nixie Clock and creative thing for yourself loved one!)
Warm desk clock, manual assembly.
Be sure to decorate any interior.
Be sure to attract the attention of any of your guests and will delight the host for a long time!

The watch is equipped with a calendar, thermometer, RGB colored lights (28 types of variations), you can turn them off.

Modes of operation:
- display only time (hours / minutes / seconds)
- time and date periodically
- time and temperature
- time, temperature and date
- Case size: 146x55x38mm

Power supply: EU - 100-250V from 7-18 V 500 mA + US adapter

Instructions for setting the Nixie Clock

There are four buttons in the back
The "menu" button is responsible for switching modes from 1 to 4;
1 mode only shows time
2 mode shows time and date
3 mode shows time and temperature,
4 mode shows time, date and temperature.
Recommended 4th mode, which performs a brute force digits, namely, every 2 minutes, which helps to increase the life expectancy of the indicators.
With a long press on the "menu" we enter the mode of setting the time and date.
Everywhere switching happens button "Menu".

Backlight control
press once - freeze color
double tap - switch modes
long button hold - turn on or off

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